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RTK spol. s r.o. is a producer of a wide range of fabric products up to the 160 - 200 cm sizes and with the number of threads in warp up to 10.710 sewing threads. Since 2012, wide Vamatex Silver 360 machines are available for production with the possibility of weaving up to a width of 340cm.

All the weaving machines are equipped with dobby devices of up to 24 dobbies, making it is possible to produce multi-warp and gauze weaves.

All the staple materials are produced - both natural and synthetic. In the weft direction it is also possible to process multi-filament yarns.

The largest share of production consists of light cotton fabrics (shirting) from fine cotton yarns of the highest quality from tex 7.4 in a fabric weight of 70 to 150 g/m2. Besides this, various other goods are also produced from medium hard fabric with a weight of up to 420 g/m2 and from yarns, not only from cotton, but also from flax, viscose, synthetic, cotton or mixed yarns.

Besides loomstate fabrics, the RTK spol. s r.o. company offers also fabrics which are bleached, dyed or adjusted in any other way, as well as ready-to-wear products (e.g. bedding, clothes, diapers, etc.). These activities are secured in cooperation with external suppliers.

The production is custom-made, i.e. minimum production fabric amount for a specific order is 2,000 m (no own production design).

Annual production exceeds 2.2 million meters, or 4 million m2. Almost 80% is exported to western countries and to more demanding clients.

Standard range of products:

  •   Shirting (without colorful warps)
  •   Technical fabric from PES yarns (Trevira CS)
  •   Bedding (bed clothes, sheets), including 100% flax fabric
  •   Cotton, mixed or flax fabric for households (tablecloths, damask, dishcloths, waffle goods, bed sheets, diapers, etc.)
  •   Various other clothing fabrics or fabrics for furniture
  •   Technical fabrics (tent fabric, canvases, fabric for printing, etc.)
  •   Securing of dying and adjustments for these fabrics, incl. the possibility of ready-to-wear fabric production for households

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